About Our Club

Join our Lion's Karate Club and be healthy.

Aim and Objectives

To impart physical, mental, spiritual traning to man, woman and children, especially for women and children.

Targeted Group

Women and children: Women bears the children the very life and energy of the race depends open her and her health from a vital and biological standpoint. So we can least of all afford to neglect the question of health and physical development of women.


Children are our future so we cannot afford them to be misguided. We need to pave the right direction for them. We need to mould them for allround development giving them wide choices in life.

The need of the hour

Air we breathe is not always fresh. Water, the second frequent need is degraded. Food, the third essential need more laborious to obtain, more pleasing to partake of impresses it’s importance to the mind of untutored children and man alike.


Hard work – Efficiency – Labor with such concentrated effort depends upon superior strenght.